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This week we are going to look at animal structure

Let’s think of a dog. Can you point to and name various parts of his body?


Can you find his tail, his paws, his spine, his ears, and his nose?

Can you think of another animal that has the same structure (has similar parts).

Let’s also think of an elephant.

Can you point to and name his trunk, his feet, his ears, his tail, his tusks and his spine?



An elephant is different to a dog as elephants have tusks. Do you know why elephants have tusks?

Yes they use their tusks to warn off any animal that looks threatening to them. They also use them to dig.

Lets now think of a bird. Again birds look different to both elephants and dogs.  What is different about the bird? Can you find out what a bird uses its beak/claws for?



Your mission today is to choose an animal (it could be your favourite animal).

Can you label all of its parts.  Does it have a spine, legs, ears, nose, feet, a tail? Does it have a part that is different, (shell, scaly skin, claws) For an extra mission can you find out what it uses this special part for?