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We are going to be learning that all animals need to eat to stay alive just like us humans, but animals eat different things. We will find out that we can group animals into categories based on what they eat and we will learn the name of the categories.

Carniviore, Herbivore and Omnivore


We will learn what each category means


Carnivore: These animals eat mammals, birds, fish and insects. These animals include: Polar Bear, Lion, Wolf


Herbivore: These animals eat mainly plants, grass, fruit and vegetables: These animals include: Donkey, Cow, Camel.


Omnivore: These animals eat both plants and animals. These animals inlcude: Hedgehogs, Pigs, Mice


Your mission today is to write the three categories down, think of an animal and what it eats. Can you put it into the right category?


Carnivore            Herbivore            Omnivore

Lion                        Cow                       Hedgehog


What do you eat? Which catergory will you go in ?