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In todays science lesson we are going to start by reading the story of "The Traction Man". Have a look at the video below to listen to the story being read aloud:

Traction Man

Traction Man by Mini Grey, published by Random House Children's PublishersRead by Lisa Robinson

As you will notice, in the story there are lots of different materials that are mentioned:

  • Latex space suit
  • Perspex helmet
  • Fluorescent flippers
  • Infra-red mask
  • Knitted green suit
  • Brass helmet
  • Metal shoes

Your first mission, is to write a sentence next to each of the materials above to say why that material is suitable for that use e.g. A knitted hat would keep you warm in the cold.


Now, pretend that you are Traction Man. You will need a suitable outfit. What materials can you find around your house to make an outfit that will protect you on your missions. Here are a few ideas below:

  • A metal saucepan as a helmet so that your head is protected if you fall.
  • Plastic bags over your shoes just in case the house floods!
  • You may even think about finding something as a shield.


Now you are Traction Man, you have one final mission:


"Traction Man uses everyday household objects to carry out his adventures. Think of other objects and make a list of ways that Traction Man could use them... or ways that they could cause problems for him!"


Enjoy your mission team!


Traction Man look at the materials we used!