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Prestwood Infant School Council (Private)

Welcome to the school council page. This is the page where we will post everything about the school council and the things we are doing. We hope you enjoy learning about the ways we help make the school a better place. We are the children wearing school council badges and you will find our faces on the wall by the entrance of the school. Please come and say hello if you visit! (we are hoping to learn how to take visitors around the school soon).


The aims of our PISCP meetings are:


Thinking, listening, discussing, choosing and agreeing.



The school council team have two meetings each term, to discuss issues raised by other children, to organise events, feedback on 'listening lunchtimes' and to discuss other ideas to involve children in our school - we are their 'voice'.


Welcome to our new 2019 School Council members

PISCP Annual Overview 2018-2019

Our goals this year are:



  • Elect, train and establish new PISCP


  • Select, train and establish new Playtime Buddies.


  • Launch Listening Lunchtimes (and to follow up any issues/ideas raised)


  • Launch and respond to the listening box.


  • Organise events and fundraising for a charity


  • Long Term Newsletters


  • Update and launch an area of the PIS website for school councillors.

PISCP's first meeting's minutes!

Minutes for the PISCP's second meeting

The next aim for the school council is to set up the Playground school Council Buddies:


What will playground buddies do?

Organise games.

Monitor the Buddy Bench.

Play with children who are lonely.

Help to keep an eye on younger children.

Support children who have fallen out with their friends or are simply feeling sad.

Help children who have low-level conflicts to sort them out.

Be a friendly person that other children can go to for help if they need it.

Be a help to lunchtime mid-day supervisors.