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Good afternoon!  


In today's live lesson we will be looking at the parable of the Prodigal Son.  Below is a copy of the story for you to have a look at. 



Mission One

Think about the questions below and talk through your ideas with a grown-up. If your grown-up is busy working why don't you tell your brother or sister if you have one. If not tell your favourite teddy your thoughts. 


  • The younger son said sorry for the hurt he had caused. Why is saying sorry important? 
  • The elder son was angry with his father for forgiving his brother. Was he right to be?
  • What do you think is the most important point that Jesus was trying to make through this parable? 


Mission Two

For Christian people, this parable teaches them about compassion. Compassion means having deep sympathy for someone and acting to help them.  The father was full of compassion when he saw his lost son. Christians believe that God is full of compassion for people, meaning that he loves and helps people. 


We all need compassion from one another. How can you help the people around you and even the people around you who you do not know need help? 


Write some compassion promises on a heart shape. Draw a heart on a piece of paper and write your promise inside. 


I promise to .....     listen to my friends  ..... comfort my brother when he is upset  ..... 



Please send us in any examples of your work children. We would love to see them!