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Over the half term Christians celebrated Shrove Tuesday on the 16th February.  This is also known as Pancake Day!  Many of you may have made some delicious pancakes on this day.  In the past people were not allowed to eat foods such as eggs, so to use them before Lent began, people would mix them with other rich foods such as milk, flour and butter to make pancakes.


Take a look at the presentation below to find out how each country within the United Kingdom celebrate Shrove Tuesday.  There is also a quiz at the end. 

What would be your perfect pancake? Use the activity sheet below to create your very own special pancake.

After Shrove Tuesday, come Ash Wednesday.  This is the beginning of LENT.  Lent lasts for 40 days.  It starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday.  However if you look at a calendar and count the days, there are more than 40.  Lent is actually 46 days, however the six Sundays are excluded because there is no obligation to fast on Sundays in Lent.  


To find out more about Lent, look at the presentation below. 

During Lent Christians will give something up, like treats or home comforts for forty days.  They do this to help them understand how much Jesus sacrificed.   Have a think about what you could give up or do without for 40 days.   Use the sheets below to help you.