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Week 2


Thank you to the parents who have been 'volunteered' by the children to come and be our Secret Readers. The children love it and are very excited for Wednesday story time. We have loved having you in the classroom too and it gives you a chance to come and see us and what we do. 


As you can see we have a new climbing frame which has been named The Climbing Mountain by the children. It looks huge however it is constantly supervised and there is a limit to the numbers of children on it at any given time. It teaches confidence and also some self assessment on risk as well as developing gross motor skills so it is a welcome addition to our outside area. We hope you love it too - the children certainly do. 


Just a quick and gentle reminder that reading books will be changed this week so please could you make sure they are in the book bags. As these books are brand new and in limited sets, we do urge that they are returned as the next group will then have a book short meaning a child may not be issued with a book. Unfortunately we will have to ask for a donation to replace any lost or damaged books. It may be a good idea not to put water bottles into book bags now as water leakage may result in a damaged book. 


Thank you as ever for your support and understanding.



We are now in our final term and yes, it is almost the end of the first school year for your lovely children. It will be the term for transition and making changes. Changes can be daunting for the children as well as for the grown ups. So, on that note, we just want to say that we are here. If you have any questions or worries about transition or going into Year 1, please come and ask us. We will help in any way we can or we will try and find someone who knows the answer. We also want to say Thank you for being on this part of the school journey and supporting us all this way. We couldn't do it without you!


The EYFS team.