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Polar Bear Art

Our final Crazy Creatures art used charcoal. This is a bit like black coloured chalk, it is very soft to draw with and it smudges very easily. Artists often use this to create shade or shadows in their work.

If you would like to have a go at drawing a polar bear, you can use any black coloured drawing tool you have: pencil, crayon, felt tip… We drew onto white paper.



1) Fold your piece of paper into quarters then open it up again.

2) Draw a big “hill” shape to fill the top half of your paper.

3) Extend the lines from the bottom of your hill down to the bottom of the paper.

4) In the centre of your page (where the fold lines cross), draw a pentagon shape (or an upside-down house!) and colour it in.

5) From the bottom point (the roof of your house shape), draw a straight line vertically then add his mouth. You can make this a curved line upwards for a smile, curved down for a sad face or a straight horizontal line for a serious or grumpy face!

6) Around his nose and mouth, draw a circle or oval shape for his muzzle.

7) Draw 2 small ovals and add a circle inside each for his eyes in the top half of your page.

8) Draw a small hill on either side of the top of his head for ears and colour in the middles.