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The phoneme of the week is 'oo' as in 'moon'. It is a digraph which means it has two letters that make one sound. The jolly phonics action for 'oo' is shown below.



Cool Challenge  Watch the video and join in with Mr Thorne

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode OO (long)

Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne and Youtube sensation Geraldine the Giraffe take you on a learning journey through the world of phonics, grammar, spelling ...

Mild Challenge  Ask your grown up to read the phoneme spotter below. As your grown up reads it aloud try and signal to your grown up (raising hand, patting head, jumping, clapping) every time you hear the 'oo' sound. 
Hot Challenge  Watch Geraldine the Giraffe's Phonics Flash Cards video below. Can you choose a word you have seen and try to write it in a sentence?

Geraldine the Giraffe's Phonics Flash Cards - Episode OO

The next episode in a new series of videos delivering flashcards to be read aloud helping learning to read become reading to learn. SUBSCRIBE