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Start by warming up those brains! Have a look at the new presentation below to revise your phase 5 sounds:
Today we are going to recap the "er" sound. Take a look at the video below to remind yourself of this sound:

er sound - Mr Thorne Does Phonics

Have a go at reading the sentences below. Look out for that "er" sound!


  • My dad is a farmer and he has five goats on his farm.
  • I can run faster than anyone in the world!
  • When I went to the toilet, I found a spider lurking in the bath.
  • There are lots of germs and we must make sure we wash our hands.


Write a list of as many words as possible that have the "er" sound in them. You can include the ones above.


Once you have done that, choose four of them and put them into a sentence.


Enjoy :)