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Today is all about tricky words! Start by singing the song below.

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

We are going to focus on reading the following tricky words:

  • Work
  • Mouse
  • Many 
  • Laughed
  • Because
  • Different

Practise reading them and then see if you can say them in lots of different silly voices!


Now have a go at reading these sentences. You may find those tricky words hidden in them somewhere:


At school, I work really hard and my brain grows very big!


I saw a mouse run across the garden yesterday.


My friends laughed when I told them a joke.


I feel happy because I am learning lots of new things.


I wear a different pair of socks everyday.


Excellent reading!


The tricky words that we are going to practise writing today are:

  • do
  • when


Write them once on your piece of paper and then have a go at a speed write for each one. How many times can you write each word in one minute?

I wrote do 15 times, can you beat me?

I wrote when 8 times, can you beat me?


Last of all, have a go at putting "do" and "when" into an exciting sentence!


Enjoy :)