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At the start of each lesson we would like you to revise the sounds we have been learning in school.  Work through the Power Point below and say each sound as you see it on the screen.  Click the play sound button if you would like to hear it. 

To warm up your brains, see if you can remember what we did yesterday. Try and remember as many words as you can with the long, stretchy "i" sound and the short, bouncy "i" sound. Write down as many as you can.


Today we are going to look at how in some words the "o" sound is short and bouncy and in other words it is long and stretchy (a bit like yesterday!). Here are two examples:

  • Hot (short and bouncy sound)
  • Cold (long and stretchy sound)


See if you can work out which "o" sound these words have in:

  • Stop
  • Pop
  • Sold
  • Hopping
  • Bold


Now have a go at putting each of these words into a sentence :)