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Todays focus is on tricky words. Tricky words are the words that we cannot sound out. We just have to learn them by sight. To warm your brains up, have a look at the three videos below with some tricky words on. They get harder as you go through them.

Now you have had a chance to warm your brain up, we are going to focus on making sure we can read the following tricky words:

  • Water
  • Where
  • Who
  • Again
  • Thought
  • Through

Take a look at these words and have a go at saying them in as many different silly voices as you can!


Now try and read these sentences with the words in:


  • The river was full of bright, blue water.
  • Where can I buy a new jumper from?
  • Who kept a diary of the Great Fire of London?
  • thought that it looked very wet and miserable outside today.
  • On my way to the park I went through a deep muddle and got very wet!


Great work team! You could make yourself some flashcards of these words to stick around your house so you don't forget them! Or you could get your grown up to test you everyday.


One final mission for the day:

Now we are going to look at spelling two different tricky words. This will help us with our writing. These are the words we will focus on:

  • Little
  • One

Write these words down once, checking you have spelt them correctly. Do a speed write. See how many times you can write each word in a minute. Once you have done this, put each word into a sentence, making sure you don't forget your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


We cannot wait to see what you get up to!


Enjoy :)