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At the start of each lesson we would like you to revise the sounds we have been learning in school. Work through the powerpoint below and say each sound as you see it on the screen. Click the play sound button if you would like to hear it.

Today we are looking at the 'ew' sound. 


We can also write this sound with the 'ue' spelling.


There are two ways of saying this sound.

Blew which makes a (oo) sound and 

Few which makes a (you) sound.


Can you think of any words with the 'ew' sound and spelling in them?


Have a look at the video below for some more ideas.


Write the words below without looking. Remember to use your phonics skills. 







Can you write each word in a sentence? Remember to use a capital letter, full stop and finger spaces. 


Your final mission is to have a look in a book or around your home. Can you find a word or anything that begins with or includes the 'ew' sound?