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The phoneme of the week is 'ow' like in 'cow'. It is a digraph which means it has two letters that makes one sound. 

Cool Challenge

Follow the link below to play "Obb and Bob" with the "ow" sound. When you get on the site, select "Phase 3" and "ow". Practise reading the words and decide whether Obb or Bob would like them.


Mild Challenge

Think of as many words as you can with the "ow" sound in. Use your robot arms to sound them out and then have a go at writing them. You could draw a picture to go with each word.


Hot Challenge

Think of as many words as you can with the "ow" sound in. Orally, put a word into a sentence. Then have a go at writing that sentence. Don't forget the following:

  • Capital letter at the start of your sentence
  • Finger spaces between words
  • Use robot arms to sound out your words carefully
  • Full stop at the end of your sentence
  • Read your sentence back to check that it makes sense



More Activities:


If you are feeling really motivated, have a go at the activities below:

Tricky Words


This week we would like you to practise reading the word "they". Write it down and take a pretend picture of it to store in your brain! have a go at reading the following sentences with the word "they" in:


  • They have a red and green cat.
  • They will be going to the park at the end of the day.
  • Cats like to nap so they can play.
  • They sleep in a pink bed.