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The phoneme of the week is 'ar' like in 'star'. It is a digraph which means it has two letters that makes one sound. The jolly phonics action for 'ar' is shown below.

Cool Challenge  

Watch the video and join in with Mr Thorne (unfortunately the video will not load on the website. However, if you go onto Youtube and type in "Mr Thorne does phonics ar" you should be able to access the video this way.


Mild Challenge:

Have a go at thinking of as many words that you can which have the "ar" sound in. Challenge yourself to write them out. You could draw a picture to go with each one.


Hot Challenge:

Choose at least one "ar" word and have a go at putting it into a sentence. Don't forget the following:

  • Capital letter at the start of your sentence
  • Finger spaces between words
  • Use your phonics (robot arms) to sound out words
  • Full stop at the end of the sentence
  • Read it through to check that it makes sense