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We have come to the end of our phase 3 sounds, so in today's lesson you are going to go back over the sounds you need a little more help with. Take a look at the sound mats below to see if there are some sounds you still aren't able to recognise. Use the links suggested below to explore different ways to help you learn your sounds. Or go back through the lessons we have previously done to find the sound you need you need help with.
Listed below are a few different Phonics websites for you to explore which will help you with your phase 2 & 3 sounds.

If you are feeling very confident that you know all the phase 2 & 3 sounds then why not challenge yourself by reading the sentences below.


Mark and Carl got wet in the rain.


Jill has fair hair but Jack has dark hair.


I can hear an owl hoot at night.


Bow down to the king and queen.


I can see a pair of boots on the mat.


The farmer gets up at six in the morning.


Jim has seven silver coins.


Nan is sitting in the rocking-chair.


Gurdeep had a chat with his dad.


It has been hot this year.