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Prestwood Infant School Snow Plan

As you are probably aware, there is heavy snow forecast tomorrow and Friday. We have decided to put a contingency plan in place should the snow materialise.

  1. We will open as normal unless it is too snowy in the morning for staff to safely get in. In this case you will receive a parent mail, it will be posted on our website and on the Bucks School Closure website.
  2. If it starts snowing heavily during the day we will send a parent mail to ask parents to collect children as soon as possible. Some children live further away and we don’t want parents and children on the road in the snow. We also need to get staff home safely.

We totally appreciate that this is not ideal for parents who are working but this is why we are letting everyone know our plans in advance. As with last time it snowed, we keep disruption to families to the minimum we can, and do everything possible to stay open, so these decisions will not be made lightly.

Please make sure children have suitable footwear for the snow. A pair of wellies and thick socks would be a good option with some other shoes to put on when they’re inside. Please don’t worry in this weather if thicker coats, hats, gloves and scarves are not what would usually be worn to school as we would rather the children were warm and happy.