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Harvest Festival

What a wonderful Harvest Festival we had on Thursday.  Many thanks to Deiniol for coming to lead our assembly and of course to all of you for your generous donations to the Chiltern Food Bank.


Our Reception pupils were absolute superstars.  Not only did they join in with a whole school assembly, sitting very still and quiet for quite a long time, but they stood up and performed a Harvest poem to the rest of the school!  Well done Apple and Cherry Class - very impressive!  


All the children sang the Harvest songs they have been learning in singing assemblies this term - Cauliflowers Fluffy is definitely one of my favourites!


Deniol taught us to reflect on how lucky we are to HAVE good food to eat and how important it is to SHARE our good fortune with those that might otherwise STARVE.  Did you spot that all these words can be made from the word HARVEST? He has challenged the children to find more words.