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Monday 8th Feb

Good afternoon. 


Todays task is to write a set of clear instructions using time conjunctions and imperative verbs. You can write a set of instructions for whatever you like, here are some suggestions:-

  • How to build a snowman.
  • How to make a pancake.
  • How to wash your hands properly. 
  • How to make your favourite dessert.
  • How to brush your teeth.


Here are the time conjunctions I would like you to include:-

  • First,
  • Second,
  • Next,
  • Then,
  • After that,
  • Finally,


I have attached a word mat and some posters to give you some ideas of what imperative verbs (bossy words) you could use in your instructions. 


Please remember that these instructions are a set of sentences and should all include the following.