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Today, in our live lesson, we are going to be ordering numbers and positioning them on a number line. 


When we order numbers from smallest to largest we look at how many tens first and then how many ones there are in a number. The smaller the tens and ones the smaller the number. For example, with the numbers 


35   31   60  45   


We would put 31 first as it has the least tens and ones and then 35 and so on. 


31  35  45  60. 


To place numbers on a number line we look at the start and end numbers on the line and see where the numbers fit best. In the example below 5 would go in the middle as it is halfway between 0 and 10. The number 9 would be placed before the 10 as it is 1 less than 10. We will work through more examples together in the lesson.  




Try and complete the challenges below.






Spicy challenge

Have fun!