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So far this week we have been learning about finding half or a quarter of shapes. 


Today we are going to find half of an amount of objects. Lets imagine that Mrs Cordell has 10 sweets to share with Mrs Henson. How will she share them out so that it is fair? She needs to split them into two equal groups, she needs to split them in half. Find 10 objects and see if you can share them out evenly. Oh look, they have the same amount each, they have half of the 10 sweets. Lets count how many they each have to check this. Hopefully you found that they both have 5 sweets. Half of 10 is 5. 


Lets try with a different amount, this time Mrs Cordell has 8 sweets. Can you share them out evenly? You might want to try writing the total amount and how much there is in each half, like this: 



4       4

Independent task: Your grown-up will need to give you a starting number (even numbers only please grown ups!), can you find that amount of objects (Pieces of pasta or similar) and share them into two equal groups so that each group has half? Try with some different amounts. 

Extra Challenge: What would happen with 9 sweets? Can you share them out? Why?