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This week we are going to be learning all about finding half… what is half? Half is where something is split equally, into two parts that are the same, here are some examples:



Today we are going to be finding half of different shapes, this means we have to split them down the middle so each section is the same size.

Have a look at these shapes which have been split in half: 


I'm feeling a bit hungry today and I'm going to make a pizza- my two favorite toppings are mushrooms and tomatoes, so I want half my pizza to have mushrooms on and half to have tomatoes on the other half. I’m going to draw a line down the middle and then draw the toppings on each half. 


Independent task: 

Can you draw your own half and half pizza with your two favourite toppings on? Perhaps you would like to design one for everyone else in your family? As an extra challenge you might want to make your pizza a different shape like a triangle or an oblong!