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Today we are going to be learning how to use the 'part part whole method' in order to help us add two numbers together.
The 'part part whole method' or sometimes known as the 'part whole method' shows how numbers can be split in to parts. Using this method will help children be able to see the relationship between the 'whole' number and the two 'parts' that add together to make the whole. This method can be used to help children with addition as well as subtraction but today we are just going to be focusing on addition.
Watch the video below to help you understand how a part part whole model can help with addition as well number bonds.

How to use a 'part-whole' model

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Challenge - Take a look at the example done below using the blue cubes.

We now can use our part part model above to help us write our number sentence. Using the example above with the blue cubes I now know that 7 + 3 = 10. I also know that 3 + 7 = 10.


Now have a go yourself trying to write the correct number sentence that matches the example done below with the red cubes.