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To warm your brains up, have a go at counting in tens to 100 and then back again. You could sing along to the video below:



The Counting by Tens Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

Why not start from a different number and count on in tens e.g. 6, 16, 26...


Now that your brain is warmed up, we are going to be exploring money a bit more and looking at how we can give change in a shop.


Imagine you buy a lollipop. It costs 6p but you only have a 10p coin. How much change would you get back?


Find 6 on your number line and count the jumps you need to make to get you to 10. There are 4 jumps, so you need 4p change.

Here are some examples to help you

Now try putting this into practice using the chilli challenges below