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Today we will be starting to look at money. To warm your brains up, have a go at the game below:


In Todays lesson, we are going to be doing a little bit of shopping! Sometimes when we go shopping we have to pay for things and do not have the exact coin to pay for it, so we may have to make that amount up e.g. we don’t have a 3p coin so we can use a 1p and a 2p coin instead to make 3p.


In my shop, everything costs either:

  • 10p
  • 16p
  • 20p
  • 32p
  • 50p
  • 68p
  • £1


Choose an amount to start with e.g. 10p. Imagine you go into my shop and buy something that costs 10p. How many different combinations of coins can you use to pay for that item. Two examples are:

  • 5p + 5p
  • 5p + 2p + 2p +1p


There is always more than one way you can make an amount. You need to find AS MANY different ways of making that amount as possible. You could write it as a number sentence, like I have above, or you may choose to draw pictures of the coins you will use.


Once you think you have found all the ways to make that amount, try another one.


Don't spend all your money at once!