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Today, in our live lesson, we will be using number facts to find complements of ten. 


You will need a 100 square to help you with this. If you haven't got one why don't you have a go at making one!


To find a complement of ten you are looking for the next multiple of ten by counting along a number line, 100 square or using your number bonds. We will discuss this in more detail in the lesson. 


Your mission


If you would like to print out the sheets below to complete you can. Or you can look at them and write your answers on a piece of paper. 


If you finish close your eyes and point to a number on your 100 square. Open your eyes and look at your number. Can you find the number that goes with it to find the next multiple of 10? 

For example if Iand on 74 I would write - 

 74 + __ = __ and fill in the missing numbers. 

As always please send us in any examples of your fantastic work. We would love to see it!