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Today we are going to remember our learning about doubling. Can you remember what double means? It means the same again. 


Can you draw double 2 circles? Hopefully you drew 2, then 2 again. 

How about double 4 smiley faces? Did you draw 4, then 4 again? 

We are going to have a go at some doubling today, working out how many there are altogether when you have doubled an amount. You might draw pictures to help you (like we did above) or you could use some objects to help you (such as pasta). 


Let's try an example together. Can you find double 3? You will need to draw/ find 3 things, and then another 3. How many are there altogether? Hopefully you counted 6, if not check again. As an extra challenge I am going to write this as a number sentence 


3+3= 6 


Let's try another example. Can you find double 5? Can you write it as a number sentence? Hopefully you drew/ counted 5 then 5 again. Did you find 10 altogether? Perhaps you knew this one in your head because it is also a number bond to 10! The number sentence would look like this




Independent task: Your job today is to chose numbers between 1 and 10 and find double that amount. 

Extra challenge: Can you write this as a number sentence?