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Starter today:  Can you beat your time from yesterday writing out your times tables?


Today's object is to create arrays to show multiplication.  What is an array I hear you cry?  Well an array uses objects or simply dots in rows and columns to represent a multiplication.


Lets look at these tennis balls:


We will be using the language like "groups of" or "lots of", columns and rows too.


A:  shows us three rows, and three columns. Three groups of three or three lots of three.

     This would be 3 + 3 + 3 as a repeated addition.  Or we can now write it as 3 x 3!


B: shows us one row and two columns.  This would be 1 + 1 as a repeated addition.  Or we would write 1 x 2 (1 row with two balls).  One "group of" two.

This can be flipped around to show the commutative e.g. 2 x 1 (2 columns with 1 ball in each column). Two "groups of" one. 


Commutative sounds scary but it really isn't, it just shows us that the calculation can be flipped and you still get the same answer. This often helps when we see a scary multiplication like 2 x 7!  In your head you might be shouting, "but I don't know my sevens!!!!! Oh but wait, lets flip it!  7 x 2!! I know my 2s so the answer must be 14".


Now have a go at C, D, E and F.  Write it out as a repeated addition first, then as a times table.  Don't forget to use your cubes and other resources too.  It always helps to see and do it practically.


Use the mild, hot and spicy challenge below to create some more arrays.

When you are feeling a bit more confident have a go at the challenges below.



Cut up these calculation cards and create an array for them from your resources.

Again make the array from your resources to help fill in the blanks

Why not take the Spicy Problem solving challenge.