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Today we are going to be estimating! Estimating is when you take a guess of how many there is of something. You might estimate how many pieces of fruit you have in a fruit bowl, you could estimate how many colouring pens you have, you could even estimate how many pillows you have at home! There are lots of opportunities for you to estimate all around your home.
Start by watching the video below.

Sesame Street: Play Estimation Vacation with Guy Smiley!

It is time for fun in the sun at the beach. Guy Smiley hosts "Estimation Vacation" and Bert has been selected to play against the reigning champion, the Esti...

Now it's your turn to start estimating at home. Ask your grown up to collect an object you have a lot of at home, this can be anything from Lego bricks, toy cars, pillows, fruit. Once they have got them they then have to make a small group of them (1 - 10 to start off with). They will reveal the group to you for a few moments before covering them up so you don't have time to count them all. Now you have to try and estimate how many there were. Once you have said your answer you can then count to see how close you were. Repeat this a few times before moving on to a larger amount of objects.
Once you have played the game a few times you can watch the video below.

Estimating! | Mini Math Movies | Scratch Garden

Learn to estimate as you practice estimating everyday objects with Scratch Garden's second episode of 'Mini Math Movies'. Watch this fun numbers, subitizing ...

Below is a link to some other ways for you to estimate.