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Remember our learning about odd and even numbers yesterday and how when we counted in 2s we were saying the even numbers? Today we are going to use this to do some learning about money.


This coin is a 2p coin. It is worth the same as two 1p coin; it is worth double.



So if I had three 2ps I would count them like this- 1,2 (tap first coin), 3,4 (tap second coin) 5,6 (tap third coin) so I know I have 6p.


I could have used my counting in 2s to work out how much money I had- 2-4-6. 


Lets look at another example, this time I have four 2ps can you count in 2s with me to see how much this is worth? 


2,4,6,8p. Write down 8p. If I wanted an extra challenge I could write this as a number sentence… 2p+ 2p+ 2p+ 2p= 8p.


Independent Task: Have some 2p coins and select a few, count in 2s to see how much these coins are worth. Write down how much money you have. Repeat with different amounts of 2ps. 

Extra challenge: Can you write this as a number sentence?