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Today we are going to be learning about odd and even numbers.

Even numbers are numbers that can be split into 2 equal groups (half), odd numbers cannot be shared out fairly. We started to practice this last week when we were learning about halving amounts.


Today we are going to investigate which numbers are even, and which are odd. 

I’m going to chose a number (starting with less than 10) and work out if it is even or odd and record this on a table like the one below: 


Even Numbers  Odd Numbers 



I’m going to choose 4. I will need to find 4 objects and see if I can share them fairly in 2 groups. Have a go at this at home. Hopefully you found out that 4 could be shared evenly into 2 groups, that means I would write 4 into the "Even numbers" column on my table. 


Independent Task: Your job today is to investigate this yourself, you can challenge yourself by using higher numbers than I have. You will need some objects (pasta/ cubes) to help you, happy investigating!