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Today's lesson is about alliteration. Alliteration is when two or more words are used together that start with the same letter or the same sound.


Look at the front cover of the book 'The Fabulous Foskett Family Circus'. Can you see that a lot of the words start with ‘f’ sound? This is something that writers do to help the readers enjoy stories.

Watch the video below which explores alliteration some more...

Phase 1 Phonics with Maddison and Felix - Alliteration

Learn about alliteration (words that start with the same letter) for kids with Maddison in this new phase 1 phonics lesson! This educational video about alli...

Can you think of some alliteration for your own name? Here are a few examples of some of the grown-ups in Reception. 

  • Energetic Mr Edmonds
  • Super Mrs Smith
  • Caring Mrs Clarke
  • Kind Ms Kaye
  • DJ Dolbear

Now it is your turn to have a go using your name. Try to sound out then write it down.