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Start by making a freeze frame of each act/performance that you might find at a circus. Go back to yesterday's lesson if you need some help on this.


For example for a tightrope walker you might stand and balance on one leg. For a clown you may make a silly face etc


Whilst your child is making their freeze frames, you can pretend to be the ring leader holding a microphone to them asking them questions like who are you? What are you doing? How do you entertain people? What are you good at?

Choose one of the acts/performers to ask questions to. Questions often start with 'who' 'why' 'what' 'where' 'when' or 'how'. Can you think of any questions you would like to ask the performer? Once you have thought of one we can then try and write your question down.


Remember to start your question with one of the question words above.


Make sure to include a capital letter at the beginning, finger spaces between every word and a question mark at the end.