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This week's learning is all about the life cycle of minibeasts. We are going to look at butterflies and bees. Butterflies are very beautiful and I am sure you remember the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar....can you recall what happened to the little caterpillar? That's right - it changed into a butterfly. 

You can watch the first half of the programme to see the life cycle of real butterflies and then look at the PowerPoint to find out about bees.

Maddies Do You Know Series 3 07 Butterfly and Wallpaper m0004xrx original

Now that you know all about bees and butterflies these are your missions:


Mild: Tell your grown up about the stages in the life cycle of a butterfly or a bee. With help from your grown up, sound out some simple words: bee, egg, and leaf.


Medium: Try your best to draw the life cycle of a bee or butterfly and write some labels using your phase 2 and phase 3 mats to help you.  


Hot: If you have drawn the life cycle of a butterfly or bee, write sentences to go with each stage. You can use special time words at the start of the sentences: First, then, next and last. 


Good luck and please do send in photos of your writing. We would love to see how you are doing!