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Today we are going to be writing down our how to catch a dragon instruction together. Start by revisiting yesterdays lesson and remind yourself of the instructions we learnt and stepped out.
Uh-oh! Mr Mukhit has forgotten the instructions and needs help remembering them. We have got to write them down to help him. Lets start by looking at the images below to help us remember what our first sentence should be about.

Now we can begin our instruction writing. Have a go yourself at writing the instructions. If you are finding tit difficult maybe your grown up could write pat of the instruction and you just write one word in it e.g pit, dig, sticks. Below are the instructions written out in case you need some help.


First, dig a deep pit


Next, cover the deep pit with a brown sheet


After that, scatter on the leaves and sticks


Then,  leave your piece of meat on top


Finally, tiptoe behind a tree so the dragon doesn't see you and wait until it comes


In the end, the dragon will not be able to resist the temptation and will therefore fall into the pit