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Watch the video animation of Eric Carle's story about The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

Maybe you have the book at home...before you start can you predict what might happen in the story?


When you have listened to the story let's see if you can answer some questions.

  • Where was the caterpillar egg at the start of the story?
  • What did he eat on Thursday?
  • How many oranges did he eat on Friday?
  • Why did he have a stomach ache?
  • What did he turn into at the end?


You can try to retell the story to your grown up or to a brother or sister or even your toys!


Are you ready to try the challenges?


Mild challenge:  With the help of your grown up and your phonics mat, write a simple sentence from the story.


Medium challenge: Write a sentence about your favourite part of the story all by yourself. You can use your phonics mat to help you.


Hot challenge: Write a part of the story using the conjunction 'and' in your sentences.