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Good Afternoon Everyone!


When we are doing handwriting in school, we talk lots about making sure we have the correct posture and are sitting appropriately to help us to do our best. Your mission today is to try and find a suitable place where you can do this in your home. Ideally, this would be at a table/desk with a comfy chair that you can tuck in.


Once you have found somewhere, practise doing the posture preparation activities on the sheet below. This will help to get you ready to do your very best handwriting!

Once you have done the above. This week, have a think about which letters you struggle with the most (Lower case and upper case letters). Follow the link to a selection of videos demonstrating how to form these letters. Once you have chosen your letter/letters, have a go at the following:

  • Practise writing it in the air
  • If you have sand, you could trace it out in the sand
  • If you have paint, have a go at painting the letter
  • Then see if you can write a few lines of that letter on lined paper. Remember to think about the size of the letter. Not all letters go to the very top and some letter hang below.
  • Think of some words with that letter in and have a go at writing them.
  • Lastly, choose a word and put it into a sentence (remember capital letters, finger spaces, full stops). You can do as many of these as you like. When you are writing your sentences, think back to the video lesson you had on expanded noun phrases. Try and make your sentences as exciting as possible!

Good luck team, you can do this!