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We will continue to look at real-life superheroes this week. 

Our new text is also an information book, not a story. Can you remember the name for these?

Non-fiction books. Can you remember the features of non-fiction books? We saw some last week too. (Contents page, index, glossary, real photos, pictures with labels, captions, sub-headings…)


Do you know what a paramedic is? Read the “book” and find out about their work. Try and answer/discuss the questions in the book with your grown-up.

Are paramedics superheroes? Think back to the adjectives you thought of last week for superheroes – could any of these apply to paramedics?

Can you think of some questions you would want to ask a paramedic about their work? Ask your parent to jot these down and save them for tomorrow.

Look again at pages 4 and 5 of the book. We will use this information to add our own labels to a couple of diagrams. Remember that we always write from left to right, even if the label is on the left of the diagram.


Independent task:  Label a picture of a paramedic to show the equipment s/he carries, and an ambulance. If you are unable to print the sheets, you could draw your own diagrams to label.


Extra challenge: Can you add any extra labels to the diagrams? You might need to find out more about the features of an ambulance. How about a caption? (This is a title for your diagram to tell people what information it shows).