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Wondrous Wednesday is upon us and today we are going to make some changes to our story.  We are going to innovate it, by changing the setting and the job that Mr Grinling does.


Have a think about what kind of job you would like Mr Grinling to do.  He could be a fireman, postman, policeman, pilot, supermarket manager, scientist, astronaut.... the list can go on and on.  Today's mission is to redraw your story map.  We will go through a map with you in our online call today.  If you unable to make the call here is a look at the story map we will be using. 


In this story map Mr Grinling is a fireman.  He has a dog rather than a cat; and those pesky seagulls are now rats!  Every time Mrs Grinling, who makes her scrumptious lunches in the mess room, sends the lunch down the fireman's pole, those pesky rats eat the lunch!



So get your creative juices flowing and come up with an innovated story map.  Remember the story itself is staying the same, we are just changing where it is set.