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Well done on a great start to your stories everyone.  Today we will carry on and finish retelling the story in our own words.


Start by taking a moment to read through your work from yesterday.  With fresh eyes you might spot something you want change!  Then look at your story map and continue your writing. 


Once you have finished again take the time to re-read your work.  Read it out loud to someone or your teddies!  When we read out loud we can spot things we have missed. 



Did you remember to include lots of description?

Did you remember your capital letters, full stops and commas for lists?


Remember to not write "The End" because we don't know what might happen next! wink


Again use that purple (or what colour you have available) pen to add anything you have forgotten to your work. Finish off your story with a lovely picture......


We can't wait to see what you've written.