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Good morning everyone, we hope you have had a lovely weekend.


Today we are going to be writing half of the story of the lighthouse Keeper's lunch in your own words.  Yes, you did read that right, only half of the story. Just like we do in class, we are going to focus on putting in wonderful language and description into our work. 


You will use your story maps that you created last week and you will also need those great descriptions of the delicious foods that you are going to put into the basket for Mr Grinling's lunch.


We have given you some prompt cards below to help with your sentence starters and also a reminder of all the wonderful language contained within the story.




So today in our story retell we will be writing up to Wednesday, where poor old Hamish is put into the basket and sent out down the long, slippery wire to protect the scrumptious lunch. Please no further than that.  Take the time to re-read your work carefully and if you have a purple pen (or any other colour to hand at home) use this to make any adjustments to your writing.  Just like you would in class.



  • Neat handwriting
  • capital letters and full stops
  • describe, describe the noun