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We are going to begin our Superheroes topic by finding out about some “real-life” superheroes, using non-fiction texts. I have tried to make you a version of a text so you can read it at home and refer to it if you need to. 


Let’s start our topic by deciding what we think a superhero is. Do you know any superheroes? Can you name any of these?


Do you know any of their superpowers? How would you describe them? Can you say some adjectives (describing words or phrases) for superheroes? Maybe…


Read this definition of a superhero. Ask your grown up to help you understand all these tricky words!



There are lots of stories, comics, films and cartoons about these superheroes. But, there are also people in real life who we could refer to as heroes. They may not have superhuman powers like laser eyes, but they may do more than other people to do good/to help. Can you think of a job which does good/helps/saves people?



What “good” do these people do? Think back to our list of descriptions – do they have any of these qualities? E.g. fire fighters risk their own safety to rescue people and stop danger. They are brave and strong


Independent task: Can you make a mind map about superheroes (referring to both real and fictional) giving examples and description e.g.


You could also draw some pictures to add to your map. Remember that we always write from left to right!