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Ask your grown-up to read you this new poem about an elephant.


What is the poet trying to make us think or feel? Do you like the poem? Can you say why or why not?

Does the poem rhyme? Say which words rhyme and notice where these are in the poem.


Now read this poem about tigers. This is also a rhyming poem, but some words are missing! We will need to think up some rhyming words and remember the facts we learnt about tigers to help us finish it.



Read first line – which word do we need to rhyme with? Black. Think of some words which rhyme with black then see if any of them fit at the end of the second line. Repeat for the last 2 lines also adding in an adjective of your choice!


Independent task:  Can you complete this poem using rhyming words? Your mum or dad could copy it out for you to fill in the words, you could just write the missing words on a piece of paper, or if your grown-up thinks you need some handwriting practise, you could copy the whole thing out and complete it with your choice of words. The words on the red lines should rhyme with each other and the words on the green lines should rhyme. You might need to think of a few possibilities for each line to see what will work.


Extra challenge: If you want more of a challenge, complete this poem instead. You will need to brainstorm some words which rhyme with “tree” and “back” then pick one and create your own line with the rhyming word at the end. The first and second lines rhyme and the third and fourth lines rhyme.