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Look again at the poems we read yesterday. Can you point to, or highlight the words which rhyme? Say the rhyming words aloud – what is the same about them? Rhyming words have the same end sound.




Can you think of a word which rhymes with “cat”? The ending of cat is at. Can you try putting a different sound at the beginning instead of “c” to see if it makes a real word? How many can you come up with?

We know that English is BONKERS so although the words may sound the same, sometimes we use a different way to spell that sound. For example, leap and creep rhyme, but the “ee” sounds are made using different letters. If you write some rhyming words today, you can use any way you know to show that sound! 😊

Parents: this is a significant educational milestone. Some children can hear rhyme easily, others need lots of practise. You will notice which camp your child is in. If they are finding this tricky, any practise of noticing or suggesting rhyming words would be incredibly beneficial!

Independent task:  Choose 4 words from the list below and write 3 rhyming words for each.



Extra challenge: Can you take 2 of your rhyming words and write what we call a rhyming couplet? Couple means 2, so a couplet has 2 lines with the rhyming words at the end.

E.g. It was pouring with rain

       So I went on the train