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These poems were written by Giles Andreae. He also wrote “Giraffe’s Can’t Dance” which we read at the very start of Year 1. Read these poems again with your grown up. Can you tell them whether each animal comes from a hot or cold climate?



Read each poem a couple of times. How do they make you feel? What pictures do they conjure up in your head? Do the poems rhyme? (This means words, usually at the ends of the lines, have the same ending sound). If so, can you say which words rhyme? If your adult reads the poem to you but misses out the rhyming word, can you guess/remember what it is?

When we read a poem aloud, we need to add expression/intonation to our voice. This means our voice goes up and down or louder or softer to add interest and help the audience with what the poet wants them to feel or imagine.


Independent task: Learn and recite one of the poems. Pick your favourite and practise reading it together several times. You might want to add some actions to help the words stay in your head. When you think you have remembered it, perform it to someone in your house, making sure your voice is clear and interesting to listen to! Your parent might like to send us a video of your performance.