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Today we are going to be exploring a recent fire that has affected many places in the United States of America. Last year, there were many bush fires in forests in America. California was very badly affected and a lot of their forest areas were burnt down. Take a look at the picture below. It shows a fire in action. You will notice that there is a helicopter above the fire. This helicopter is dropping water over the fire from high up to try and help put it out. However, the weather was very hot which made it even harder to put the fire out.

You are going to be doing a piece of writing based on this picture. You will need to pretend to be the pilot on the helicopter and will be writing a diary entry (or a selection of diary entries) to show what they are doing and how they are feeling.


Today, we are just going to come up with some ideas so that we can write our diary entries tomorrow.


What do you think the pilot can see when he looks out the window of his helicopter?


Using bullet points, make a list. Try and include adjectives and/or expanded noun phrases to make it as descriptive as possible. As you will be writing a diary entry with this information, it will need to be in first person so you will need to pretend that you are writing as the pilot and use the word "I":


I can see:

  • Animals scurrying to escape the falling trees
  • A ferocious fire spreading wildly.


Try doing the same with some other senses:


I can hear:

  • Water gushing from the helicopter
  • Sizzling as the water hits the fire


I can smell:

  • Musky fire
  • Burning wood


I can feel:

  • Heat all around me
  • Fear


Bullet point as many ideas as you can for what the pilot could see, hear, smell and feel.