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Today we are going to use our story maps to write the first half of the Elmer story. Cut your story map in half!   You will need to write at least one sentence to match each of your pictures. If you can remember any of the words from the actual story and include these in your writing, that would be brilliant!

For picture 1, I could write:


For an extra challenge, I could use some of the describing words I practised last week:


Independent task: Write a sentence for each picture in the first half of your story map to tell the story. If you want to write more sentences, please do!

Remember to read your own work aloud when you have finished. Does it make sense? Have you used the right sounds to write that word? Have you used capital letters, finger spaces and full stops?

Extra challenge: Try to add some of the adjectives you thought of last week to describe the characters or setting.

Extra spicy challenge: try using some words we call time connectives to link your sentences. These are words to show how time is moving along, for example, one day, the next day, after that, later on, meanwhile, eventually, suddenly. You could try starting one or two of your sentences like this.