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Today we are going to be exploring a song! I am sure you will all have heard this one before, it is called "London's Burning".


London's Burning


You may have noticed that the song is very repetitive and repeats the same words throughout. Lots of songs do this and it makes them stick in your head!


Try singing it at home and add actions to the whole song.


Once you have sung it a few times and made up your own actions, have a go at creating a song map (just like a story map) to help you to remember the words. Take a look at my example below:


Once you have completed that, just enjoy singing the song around your house or whilst you are out for a walk. This will prepare you for writing your own song in tomorrow's lesson!


If you would like to, why not draw a picture to illustrate the song. It could be a huge picture of London on fire with people rushing to the River Thames.


Enjoy :)