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In today's live lesson, we will be looking at how to write letters.


We will be writing a letter to the local fire brigade to persuade them to come into school (when we are back!) and show us their fire engines and all of the equipment that they use to put out a fire.


In the lesson, you will see a modelled example of what a letter might look like. The key things to remember are:

  • Open your letter with "Dear"
  • It is a formal letter, so make sure you start it in a formal way e.g. "I am writing to ask you..."
  • Make sure you close your letter with "Yours Sincerely"

We would love to see you using conjunctions (joining words) in your letter, for example:

  •  "We would love for you to visit our school because our topic at the moment is the Great Fire of London"
  • "Please could you visit our school so that we can learn even more about the fire brigade".

Use the conjunctions word map below to give you some other conjunctions you may like to explore using:

We cannot wait to see you letters!


Enjoy :)